Who Is J.T. Hellstrom?

Full Name: Jeffrey Todd “JT” Hellstrom First Introduced: August 27, 1999 Sweethearts & Wives: ♥ Colleen Carlton (teen sweetheart) ♥ Victoria Newman (married in 2008) ♥ Mackenzie Browning (married in

Who Is Brent Davis?

With Dina back in Ashley’s life, the painful reality of her paternity is becoming an unavoidable truth. Since I wasn’t watching the show in 1984-85 when Ashley discovered that John

Who Is Dina Mergeron?

First appearance: 1983 Portrayed by: Marla Adams Formerly married to: John Abbott, Marcel Mergeron (widowed) Children: Jack, Ashley, and Traci Abbott From CBS Soaps In depth Dina left John before