Flashback: Abby Fakes Her Own Kidnapping (2012)

As the Newmans and Abbotts fear that Abby has been kidnapped by sex czar Zack, her sister Victoria is quick to point out that Abby has pulled a fake kidnapping stunt in the past. Here’s a brief recap of our obnoxious adventure from the year 2012:

“The Naked Heiress” has her sights set on sexy-but-shady guy, Carmine Brasco (who later had a scandalous extramarital affair with Lauren!). Carmine has a vendetta for Kevin Fisher, so he is planning to kidnap Kevin’s wife, Chloe — a totally normal approach to revenge! On the night of the Genoa City annual art gala, Abby thwarts Carmine’s kidnapping attempt by saving Chloe and taking her place. The two wannabe-fugitives hide out a hotel room, while Abby watches the media spectacle, loving the attention it’s giving her. As days go by, feeling kinda bad about the whole everyone-thinks-I-could-be-dead thing, Abby turns them both in to the police, accepts her punishment, and later has basketball court sex with Carmine to make up for the fiasco. Lesson learned.

Summary Source: Carmine Brasco Wiki

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