Nikki and Jack’s Marriage Part 1 and 2

Nikki and Jack are growing closer every day, but newer viewers may not realize: They’ve been married twice before! From the Nikki Newman Wikipedia, here’s a quick summary of their two previous attempts at romance.


Jack and Nikki married in 1990. His business with Jabot Cosmetics got in the way of their “friendly” marriage. Following a riding accident where she miscarried [their] a child … she sunk into a state of depression, developing addictions for painkillers and being an alcoholic to help her recovery. Victor would eventually return to Nikki’s side in her addictions, but Nikki ended up pregnant with Jack’s son. After an argument with Victor, Nikki gave birth to a stillborn, John Abbott III, and Jack divorced Nikki, but they remained friends.


Nikki began to reconnect with Jack who was suffering from a gunshot wound from Patty Williams that left him paralyzed. Their relationship heated up, much to the dismay of Kyle, yet he came to accept the relationship, and Nikki and Jack remarried. Yet, the day of her marriage, Victor remarried Sharon Newman, but then went suddenly missing. Nikki ended up leaving Genoa City to try to find Victor, but to no avail. When she returned, Jack decided they should divorce.

Will the third time be a charm for “Nack” fans? Feel free to post your opinions, memories, or questions!


  1. I’m sure Nicki will go back to the Mustache at some point like she always does, but I can certainly see a remarriage to Jack here!!!….even if it only lasts a hot minute!!!!

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