Our 2018 Y&R Predictions

Happy New Year!

Let’s kick off 2018 with some Young and the Restless predictions for the year.

  • Who will hook up?
  • Who will break up?
  • What twists will turn in Genoa City this year?

Grab your crystal ball and leave your 2018 Y&R Predictions in the comments below!
… and check out last year’s predictions to see which ones came true (and the fun ones we only WISH came true!)


  1. I’ll start us out with a few Young and the Restless predictions of my own.

    In 2018, I predict:
    – A baby boom! Four new characters will be born.
    – Genoa City will mourn the loss of Dina Mergeron.
    – Nick will break up with Chelsea and will be raising Christian with Sharon by year’s end.
    – Noah will become the newest member of the GCPD.
    – GC Buzz will go off air, and Hilary will start her own clothing line to rival Chelsea 2.0.
    – Neil will become a therapist and will find love when Sophia returns with their son, Moses.
    – Mattie starts medical school.
    – Cane makes a power play to steal Chancellor Industries from Jabot and it’s new CEO, Billy!
    – Jack and Gloria’s relationship takes a surprise turn… down the aisle!
    – Kyle will return to Genoa City to start a father/son feud with Jack.
    – Fen will return from law school. Summer will return from vacation.
    – And Victor will run for public office!

      Don’t think of you as being pointed in this way & enjoyed reading this!

      Jack & Gloria take a turn – down the isle! Very snappy!
      Neil would be great shrink playing on actors real life spirituality. Sophia story would be great. But, really?

      Kyle/Jack feud a very nice guess!

      Noah joins the cops. Oh, brother… Y&R’s last ditch effort when all else fails!

      Hope Y&R doesn’t write off Dina, just yet. In real life she could go on this way for years, but in soap opera reel time they will need to reach a conclusion so as to move on…

      1. I have mentioned in previous posts, that i would like to see Summer and Mariah open a private detective agency. If Noah is a policeman, he will have conflict with his sisters, and will be good for storyline and occasional humor.

  2. – Hilary and Devon will get back together.
    – Hilary will have a baby.
    – GC Buzz will end and Hilary will go to work for Jabot.
    – Jabot will buy Chancellor.
    – Cane will get a seat on the Jabot board but will start feuding with Billy again.
    – Lily and Cane will get back together.
    – Ashley will get a DNA test to reveal that she’s a blood Abbott.
    – Faith and Moses will be SORASed.
    – Neil will find love again. with Ashley!
    – Gloria will move up the ranks in Jabot.
    – Mariah will find love… ??
    – Noah and Tessa will break up.
    – Tessa’s career will lead her to leave GC.
    – would love a visit from Daniel. if for no other reason than to have a scene with Mariah! Talk about chemistry!
    – Chelsea and Nick will break up.
    – Chelsea will start a war against Victor.
    – Nick and Sharon will get back together.
    – Scott will leave GC.
    – Summer will return and start working at Newman.
    – Abbey and Victoria will join forces at Newman against Victor.

  3. Here are my predictions for 2018
    -devon and Hilary will get back together
    -cane and lily will get back together
    -there will be a death
    -someone from the past will return
    – someone will get really hurt
    -ravi will work at newmen
    -christian paternity is reveal
    -abby and Scot secret will be reveal
    – sharen and Scot break up
    -chalsea and Nick break up
    – someone will get in a car accident
    – jt and Victoria will get together
    – Tessa will leave town
    – Dina will live , I predicted that because I wish she live and stick around
    – Nick will find a new career that he is pationat about
    – Nick will forgive Victor and the family will reunite
    -billy will work for jobot

  4. In 2018 I predict………
    *Adam Newman will return from the dead…again. Which would perfectly set in motion the reuniting of both Shick and Chadam. Though a welcome twist would be that Nick and Adam bond over their shared love for Christian, and agree to raise him as co-dads.
    *Side note, TPTB better not take my beloved Sharon to Crazy Town again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *It will be revealed that Kyle Abbott has been kidnapped by Patty Williams and Ian Ward, which explains his odd Jabot board votes of late. Hmmm, an Abbott/Newman disaster/rescue plot down the road?
    *Faith, Johnny and Katie will get the SORAS treatment.
    *Victoria and JT will get back together and JT will help soften Victoria’s more Victor-like character traits.
    *I think Jill will keep Chancellor Industries and have Cane continue on as CEO.
    *Hevon will get remarried and preggo.
    *Abby will be the new town pariah.
    *Scott better move his butt to NYC.
    *Nicktor will be solid, loving, devious, and passionate partners in crime.
    *Lane will struggle but ultimately reunite and raise baby Sam together.
    *Philly will continue to be hot, adorable an totally in love.
    *Reed will break Maddie’s heart, igniting a big fued between he and Charlie, while also causing tension between the adults in their lives.
    *Jill will continue to be fabulously up in everyones business, with her house mate and secret bff Esther. Meanwhile, Colin will have a blast annoying all who reside in and around Genoa City.
    *Mariah and Ravi? I think yes!
    *And finally, the warring Abbot clan. Poor Dina will rapidly be taken by Alzheimer’s. Jack will spin out of control with grief. Ashley will drop her feuding ways and help bring Jack back from the brink of disaster. Tracy will get fed up and go back home. Billy will finally get his chance to shine as CEO. All of this in time for a rescue mission to save Kyle, which could bring us fans a brief Vack paring. I love when GC’s arch nemisis’ come together for the common good.

  5. For 2018 I’m thinking…..
    Ravi turns on Ashley – we discover he has a dark side after all.
    Kyle sees Jabot in turmoil, returns to Genoa City and takes a position at at his father’s company, butting heads more and more with Jack.
    Adam returns; Christian’s paternity is revealed; Chelsea leaves Nick.
    Nick and Sharon reunite, but Avery still has feelings for Nick and returns to Genoa City.
    Sophia returns to Genoa City with a secret.
    Faith’s life is put in jeopardy when there’s a fire in the stables at the Newman Ranch, affecting the relationship between Nick and Victor.
    Mariah explores love with another female character.
    Emily and Sharon partner up to provide services to at-risk girls; Jack makes a generous donation.

  6. 1) Against her better judgement Nikki is coerce by Victor into engaging in an illegal act. Although regretting her decision she submits to Victor’s demands because she loves him. As a result, Nikki is transformed into a more shadier character than in her previous manifestations.

    2) Gloria joins forces with Jack in his campaign to salvage the reigns of his C.E.O. chair thus catapulting herself in the process into the upper echelons of high society, an objective she has lusted after all along.

    3) Cane is removed from the chairmanship of Chancellor Industries by Jill and replaced by Billy. He then partners with Hamilton/Winters group that happens to be leaping into the forefront of the business world’s landscape.

    4) Lily continues to experience reservations handling baby Sam. In order to stitch together her family back she needs to undergo therapy.

    5) Phyllis and Billy break up (sadly, because I enjoy watching them).

    6) Mattie and Reed break up following his inability to resist the lure of rock n’ roll success. As a consequence, his character disappears from the cast.

    7) Dylan returns as a darker, brooding, more menacing character as a result of the disturbing experiences he had to endure in his past.

    8) Ashley and Neil fall in love provoking a jealous rage in Ravi. He then makes an attempt on Neil’s life.

    9) Dina sacrifices herself in order to save Ashley from Ravi. Later, it is revealed that she realized for some time now she suffered from Alzheimer because it ran in her family.

    10) Scott becomes Victor’s golden boy cementing his position once he marries the boss’s daughter Abby.

  7. My 2018 Predictions:
    – Sharon and Scott Break-up
    – Abby will be with Scott but then Abby and Victoria will fight for JT
    – Nick and Sharon get back together and finally get married again
    – Adam will come back and be with Chelsea
    -Jack and Phyllis will become closer and possibly have affair the same time Billy has an affair with Victoria as Abby is also fighting for JT
    – Hillary will have a child with Devon
    – Cane and Lily will stay married and save their relationship and keep a good family with Charlie, Mattie and Sam
    – Reed will struggle with both sides of his parents divorcing and all the relationships scandals that Maddie will want to be there for him and he will open up to her.
    – There will be a teen pregnancy but they will give the child up for adoption. Possibly Maddie with Reed but after giving the child up for adoption she will continue her schooling and have bright future ahead of her (this story can be revisited in the future once Maddie is a full adult on the show). If not Maddie, I think could be scandalous to have Faith become pregnant given that she is SORAS and cause the Newman family to deal with the consequences. I would just love everyones reactions and response.
    – Faith is SORAS and becomes a couple with Charlie
    – The Newman family is repaired as the Abott family is crumbling. However, the Abotts will come together for Christmas after a year of fighting and being on opposing sides.
    – Dina will pass on
    – Kyle will come back and be part of the Jabot feud and get together with Mariah
    – Tessa will leave the show
    – Billy will either be CEO of Jabot or start his own business
    – Niel will find love
    – Michael and Lauren will have a big storyline. Maybe Scott will get killed off the show and Michael will have to save Lauren as she goes into despair and spirals out of control after losing her son.

      1. My brother thinks that she will double cross the Newmans and try to forge a confession regarding the sex-traffic situation to help Paul and Christine bring down Victor.

  8. Abby: will be preggers with Scott’s baby
    Sharon: will spiral out of control (bypolar) again when she learns about Abby and Scott
    Gloria: will have a spicy affair with a younger new character
    Ashley: will give Ravi a fair chance at love with her
    Daniel: will get back together with Lilly

  9. To the poster who called a Neil/Ashley paring… OMG. I would LOVE it! I hope that happens.

    I’m super bad at predictions, but I also think Hilary will have a baby and it will change/redeem her. This one kind of upsets me. I would love for just one female character to choose not to have children and to be happy. I get that families are the one of the most important factors in making a soap successful and I don’t want to see that change, but I’d like to see myself in just one character. I thought Hilary would be perfect for that. But, the actress is amazing and wherever they take her will be fantastic. I just like watching her.

    I would kind of like to see Ravi and Victoria give it a go. They had some chemistry in the scenes where she tried to woo him away from Jabot. It might be fun.

  10. JT will have a fling with Victor and Lily. Billy will make a play to be CEO of Jabot. Ashley is going to have Ravi’ s baby Nick will propose to Chelase and Adam will kidnap Chelsea Christian and Conner right before the wedding. Sharon and Jack will get back together. Cain and Hillary will get together.

  11. I pridict:
    Scott and Sharon will break up.
    Nick will find out about Chelsea keeping Christians paternity from him, but will still continue to raise him as his own.
    Sharon and Nick will get back together to raise Christian. Only Dylan will return with a new idienty, cause Sharon to choose.
    Billy & J.T. will fued over Victoria.
    Reed will break Maddies heart, turning her in to a bad girl.
    Faith will be aged.
    Lily will adopt Sam. Reuniting the family.

  12. My Predictions:
    1. Sharon and Nick get back together and raise Christian together for a while.
    2. It is revealed that Christian is really Adam’s son when Adam returns to Genoa City
    3. Abbey and Scott become a couple now that Sharon has broken up with him.
    4. G.C Buzz goes off the air and Hilary goes to work for Jack at Jabot again.
    5. Hilary gets back with Devon and tries to get pregnant but cannot. It is realized that she can’t have kids causing a strain in their relationship. They both decide to adopt a child.
    6. Kyle returns and pairs up with Mariah
    7. Carl Williams (Paul’s father returns) My wish
    8. I still would like to see Ravi become a revengeful stalker as I predicted last year

  13. Here is my 2018 predictions:
    Devon and Hilary get back together.
    Hilary will get pregnant. Or at least adopt a child with Devon.
    Hilary will give up GC Buzz or at least give co ownership to Mariah so she could work on a family with Devon.
    Graham will be relative to Jack, Ashley, Billy and Traci.
    Ravi probably be a stalker to Ashley.

  14. I’m not so sure that Dina and Graham aren’t husband and wife. And that Dina’s illness is fake.

  15. Devon and Victoria will get Married and Take over Newman.
    Adam will come back with amnseia thinking is Jacks long lost son by Patty.
    Patty will team up with Sheila Carter.

  16. Here is a really “out there” prediction for 2018:

    All of the characters that were written out or sent to the basement in 2017 will join forces and take over Genoa City. Juliet, Zach, Jordan, Tessa, Ravi and Stitch will come together, led by Summer and Kyle, who will make themselves CEO of Newman and Jabot. Summer and Kyle will also get married now that they are no longer brother and sister.

    Seriously, though, I think send Ravi into oblivion is a huge mistake. He is a great character and would pair well with so many of the ladies on the show. Instead I am sure everyone will continue to pair up with each other’s exes and continue the constant couple recycling that Y&R and B&B is known for.

  17. This comment is in the predictions section because the comment section for the week wasn’t opening.
    If i was writing the episode where Graham came to collect Deena, who was upstairs. While he was arguing with Jack and Ashley, and Tracy said, “Just give me a minute,” and went upstairs…i would have written that she come back down with Deena and her own bags and said, “I’m going with you and Mother.”

  18. You guys are so creative! I am totally looking forward to seeing where we are in January 2019.

    I’m closing comments on this blog post for the year, but thanks so much to everyone who participated.

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