1. I voted “no way.” The Dina storyline is becoming way too much for me. And I’m glad that they added a soap villain to a depressing storyline, but it’s starting to be incredibly frustrating.

  2. I voted no way because never liked his character and never would , I hated his storyline last year and I hate his storyline now , what he did kidnaping Christian was so wrong and twisted and he is making Dina storyline worst

  3. Yes because it reunites the Abbott family. Characters uniting against a common enemy is one of my favorite storylines. I even like it when Jack and Victor team up against a common enemy.

  4. I voted no. I didn’t enjoy round #1 of the “taking advantage of an old lady and bickering with her children” storyline. Now that I like Dina and know she has Alzheimer’s, I’m going to hate round #2 even more.

  5. I voted no. The actor does a good job because the character frusterates me. I was happy watching the show without Graham and with Dina getting worse, it is hard now watching scenes be filled with a battle between who takes care of Dina.

  6. Yes! We could use some new blood in the 40ish age bracket. Down the road he could be a love interest for any number of characters.

  7. Ummm… I didn’t see your “Hell Yaasss!” option, so I picked Yes.

    I just adore that actor. He’s fun, and interesting and shakes it up! I am happy to see him back (and that’s not just because he sometimes responds to my lovelorn tweets!)

  8. Yes. The word “dastardly” is used to describe a soap opera character. We just don’t have one right now, and Graham could fill those shoes. Getting away with things, lurking around, causing characters to question each other, etc. Y&R just doesn’t have a lovable, creepy bad guy, or any bad guy.

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