1. LOL Zoperxplex!
    I also support Ashley. I haven’t forgotten how truly NASTY Victoria was when she waltzed into Newman after Victor had to bail out Brash and Sassy. She acted like she was God’s gift to the business world and stomped all over Abby–her SISTER–without a second thought. She was rotten to Lily and Scott too. She deserves to be brought down a peg or two (or 10).

  2. Ashley is bitter she was shot down by a chance to be CEO of Jabot ever because of the blood clause Jack put in place. So she wants to one-up Jack by being the CEO of his biggest rivals company. Ashley is coming off like Victor and Jack Jr.

  3. Victoria is no competition for the ruthless (when she wants to be) Ashley. Especially when she is running full speed when dealing with Jack.

  4. I picked Victoria because Ashley seems to be venting all of her frustrations about Jack on Victoria. It also appears that since Victor doesn’t have Faith to play chess with in 2018 like he did in early 2017, that he is playing live action chess with Ashley against Victoria, Chelsea with Nick, and even Noah vs. his aunts and siblings.

  5. Victoria is such a spoiled little brat, I can’t wait for her to fall on her face. It’s little shenanigans like this (stunt she is pulling with Jack) which makes me think she will never own Newman. She can’t even handle a little bit of healthy competition.

  6. Ashley all the way!!!!! Victoria deserves everything she is getting. It looks like karma has come to bite Victoria in the butt. She was so mean and jealous of her sister when Abby and her were working together. She needs someone to knock her off her high horse. I have been enjoying every bit of Ashley being so feisty and competitive with Victoria. It is my favourite story line right now. I find the battle between Ashley and Victoria very entertaining! I hope Ashley doesn’t “make nice” like she mentioned to J.T. That would be lame and boring. I hope Ashley finds out what Victoria is up to with Jack and goes back to giving Victoria a run for her money.

  7. I voted for Victoria. ONLY because I don’t want to see an Abbott at Newman. I feel like family companies should stay that way but would be interesting to see a non Newman as CEO. I find this s/l exciting though & seeing Victoria mad. She’s such a baby. And maybe this will make her less of a workaholic eventually.

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