1. I said no. I do think this is just a way for Nick to get out of the relationship. I think this pairing came about as a quick fix to find a storyline for Nick and Chelsea – two characters sidelined by the departures of Adam, Sage, etc.. I don’t think he loves Chelsea the way he loved Sharon enough to forgive her for the secret. Chelsea has always had more interesting storylines with Adam. I like the character and actress but I just don’t see her remaining on the show without any family ties or good relationships. Unlike Hilary or Phyllis who are also lone characters, Chelsea does not move story. Her best friendship was with Chloe but that is over.

    The interesting future story would be a custody between Victor and Chelsea or Nick: 1. Victor files for custody with Nikki and maybe Nick’s help in order to keep Christian in GC. 2. Chelsea files for custody and wins and leaves GC because she has burned bridges with most of GC and has no ties remaining. 3. Nick files for custody on his own against Chelsea but is helped by Victor and Nikki leading to a reunion with the Newman family.

    1. I will add #4 to MaryAnn’s list of possibilities – Nick wins custody of Christian, and as they are forcing Nick and Sharon back together, Sharon will have her “Sully” again. Unexpected.

  2. It’s so wrong of Chelsea to have kept the secret in the first place. The pain and betrayal Nick is sure to feel once Christian’s paternity is revealed will no doubt be epic. Nick’s world, as he knows it, is going to come to an end. Knowing Chelsea was part of the lie, I think, will be too much for Nick to forgive.

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