Who Is Brent Davis?

With Dina back in Ashley’s life, the painful reality of her paternity is becoming an unavoidable truth. Since I wasn’t watching the show in 1984-85 when Ashley discovered that John Abbott was not biological father, I thought I’d do a little extra research to learn more about Brent Davis: The man who had affairs with both Katherine Chancellor and Dina Mergeron… and is the bio Dad that Ashley would rather forget!

Here is an excellent story summary courtesy of Soaps.SheKnows.com

Years ago, it took Ashley years before she found out that John Abbott wasn’t her biological father. Former tennis pro Brent Davis (Bert Kramer) returned to Genoa City and had an affair with Katherine Chancellor. When word came that he was dying, Brent wanted to reach out to Ashley and tell her that he was in fact her biological father, having had an affair with her mother Dina. Though Dina and Katherine tried to talk Brent out of revealing the truth, he told Ashley, who ended up in shock and missing with no memory of her life.

A search began for Ashley, which led to a man locating her and trying to get rich quick by offering a ransom for her whereabouts. Victor managed to locate Ashley and brought her back to his ranch in order for her to get the help she needed. Once Ashley was back to her old self, she forgave Brent before he died but never wanted John to find out the truth. Victor, Katherine, Dina, Jack and Jill all worked to keep the secret, and John died believing that Ashley was his daughter.

Do any of our veteran Young and the Restless viewers have memories of watching this classic paternity twist unfold? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us everything you know about Brent, Dina, and Ashley!


  1. I remember being underwhelmed by Brent Davis. I can remember wondering why Dina would leave John and her children for him. I also thought he was too dull for Katherine. My favorite match for Katherine was Rex.

  2. I think gram is Ashley,s brother and Brent never told anyone about him .
    I think he found out about Dina from his mother and this is his way of getting back

  3. I honestly feel like I remember when Ashley and John were having a discussion about her not being his biological daughter. I can picture him even saying that she would always be his beauty. Did they decide to change the storyline? I could just see the scene so clearly where they were discussing that he was not her biological father.

  4. I have watch Y&R from day one, I didn’t understand how they stuck th Brent Davis story line in. We back then except it. I must be dreaming that it’s a big deal to day. I do get public service message that Y&R has alway made a part of story line

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