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Y&R Chat – February 5-9, 2018

The truth is closing in on Chelsea; Jordan returns… to make Hilary question her donor; Noah gets surly; Ashley vs. Victoria: Who are you rooting for?; and Too little too late for the Abbotts;

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  1. I think Sharon is working with Victor. I just get this suspicion Sharon know more about Christian’s true paternity than she letting on. Ali, did you noticed Sharon hid what looked like a screwdriver in her hands? The camera panned to Sharon’s hands and Sharon quickly hid something that looked like a screwdriver. I don’t know. Just wanted to hear your take to it, if you noticed Sharon hiding something in her hands last Friday’s episode in the cemetery with Chelsea.

    1. There’s a total possibility that Sharon is working with Victor! I went back and watched Sharon and Chelsea’s cemetery scene though, and the screwdriver was definitely in Chelsea’s hand, not Sharon’s. Chelsea was wearing the same light blue nail polish holding the screwdriver as she had on in the previous and following scenes.

  2. I am still having difficulty trying to decipher Chelsea’s motivation behind setting up a secret stash. If you may recall, Chelsea revealed to Christian the reason why she created her slush fund by explaining that her fear of Victor exposing Christian’s paternity risks ruining her happiness with Nick and Christian. She resolved that, as a preventative measure, it became imperative to stockpile a small fortune beyond the reach of Victor or the authorities as a provision against the possibility of needing to slip below the radar screen in the event that day should arrive.

    What needs to be emphasized is that her scheme envisions her and Christian hightailing out of Genoa City TOGETHER. We can be confident that this is the case because her conversation with Christian, a minor who, obviously, is incapable of comprehending what was being said, was the equivalent of an interior monologue. She made it explicitly clear that it was her relationship with Christian that triggered her actions. Consequently, this being the case, is Chelsea planning to kidnap Christian should Victor follow through with his threat? Is she so self-centered, so impervious to the emotions of Nick that she is willing to wrench his son away from him just so that she may enjoy the pleasure of raising Christian? From my perspective I can not see how this plan can unfold without that outcome materializing.

    Another problem I see behind this storyline is that assuming this is Chelsea’s farewell, will the final chapter include her being arrested for embezzlement and kidnapping or will she make good her scheming and succeed in avoiding the reach of the law? Either way, it appears that the writers have boxed themselves into the unenviable corner of making Chelsea exit “The Young and The Restless” under a cloud of infamy.

  3. Ali, if you ever find the time it would be great to have a “thumbs up” or smiley face emoji or some other way to quickly acknowledge your photo captions each week. You crack me up!! Your one-liners are SO good. I’d like to be able to let you know I’ve enjoyed your efforts each week. It’s a fun feature and a light-hearted look at some of the crazy things that happened during the week. We need a way to give YOU a shout out, props, kudos, congrats, bravo and a thank you

  4. Glad to see Gloria on the screen once again. She is a seriously under utilized character on the show. Amazingly, the writers have failed to explore her potential.

  5. JT behaves like a man grasping for CONTROL. The way he wants Victoria to wear what he buys, changing her meeting without her knowledge, planning a dinner and expecting her to go along with it. Scary and cringe worthy. Run Victoria!

  6. Speaking of YR actors in other projects in regard to M.E. Egan’s upcoming departure, I caught 3 YR actors on the same series over the last couple of weeks. I have been catching up on FOX shows that I missed due to several months of my TV provider vs. a group of stations keeping my local FOX station off of the air. I got into FOX drama 9-1-1. In the pilot the actress who plays Faith had a role as a “home alone child.” The most recent episode had both M. Roark who played Travis and J. Collins who played Avery awhile back.

  7. I love that blanket stare Victoria gave while her father was lavishing praise on Ashley for managing to run an end around his daughter and seize a deal Victoria had been laboring for months to close. What that look in effect was saying was “I’m dead inside”.

  8. Victoria needs to run away from this toxic relationship with JT. His verbal outburst at her for dancing with Billy was so uncalled for. I understand seeing them dance made him comfortable, but he should have approached Victoria maturely and calmly tell her what about the dance made him uncomfortable. She was trying to stay calm and talk to him like an adult and he just seems to be constantly making her feel awful by acting like a child and then make up for it with a few romantic gestures. This is supposed to be the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship and there is already so many arguments and issues; the realtionship will never get better than what it is now.

  9. I had to laugh when Chelsea expressed astonishment that Victor rarely visited Crimson Lights during the daytime. Why? Because he is Dracula?

  10. I was very surprised that Victor didn’t swap out Chelsea’s cash for different bills! I guess his spies didn’t hear the part about the money being in the vent and the serial numbers being checked by the GCPD. Hard to find a high quality spy these days I guess. Now that Lauren has her money back, what does Phyllis do? Does she really want to send Chelsea to jail? Or just warn Nick and Lauren about Chelsea’s sketchy ways? It seems Phyllis should be more than curious about why Chelsea would do this and why Victor would cover for her. (Or maybe Phyllis should get a life of her own????)

  11. Chelsea must have lost her marbles! What makes her think that Phyllis will be so moved by Chelsea’s power of persuasion that she will suddenly forsake her hatred towards her just to avoid breaking Nick’s heart?

  12. Someone commented in last week’s YRCHAT about Hillary and her sperm search. In past there have been several GC men who have donated sperm. Abby was conceived with Victor’s sperm, and i recall that sperm was being sought after and fought over by Ashley and Nicki. Most interestingly, it was kept in a large thermos type container in the hall closet at Victor’s penthouse. What happened to Victor’s penthouse?

  13. I was so shocked when Noah announced he was moving to Mumbai! I didn’t even know Newman had a company in Mumbai. I also had no idea Noah was leaving the show.

  14. On Friday, Devon said to Hillary: “I didn’t grow up to be an arrogant lady’s man like my biological dad.” I found that statement hilarious because I spent the entire week thinking how skeezy Devon is because he revealed that his company’s new talent was also his Valentine’s date! Gross! Is this intentional irony of the writers that Hamilton Winters – which handles PR for other companies – has talent stealing songs and then still being highly utilized and visible in representation the company – and has a CEO that asks out the talent out on his private jets for dates as soon as they sign?!?!?! Hey Hillary, I’ve got a story idea for your show: #MeToo.

    1. I wonder if Y&R will play a social issue story, as they have done often in the past, especially during summer, with sexual misconduct. Cane and Juliet’s story wasn’t really full on. There are many options, Ravi/Ashley, Victor/Ashley, Jack/Gloria, Victoria/JT, Nikki/Arturo, Jack/Helen, Devon/Simone/Hilary, Mariah/Tessa (claiming she threatened to have Devon fire her). Any combination of the above, ot Arturo blackmailing Nikki/Victor somehow.

  15. I love Victoria and J.T as a couple. I think they are adorable. I think the fact that they were once a real life couple makes them that much more intriguing. They are very believable as a couple. When Victoria was dancing with Billy, it felt realistic how J.T reacted. I am not condoning his actions at all. He should have expressed his feelings in a much better fashion and been more mature. At the same time, there are men or women who may very well behave the way J.T did. Reacting compulsively and not discussing how they feel, just storming off. I am glad Y&R brought J.T back to the show, as I find his character to be very interesting and engaging.

  16. Did I miss something- where did that engagement ring come from? Chelsea proposes to nick and he happens to have an extra ring lying around? Or she bought it herself and had him give it to her? These people have all had so many engagement rings I hope they have some type of file on every woman in genoa city so no guy gets the same style ring twice 😉

  17. I am very disappointed in JT for his manipulative and controlling behavior towards Victoria. On top of that, he is waltzing around GC like an entitled brat to most everyone……except Traci. Is it bad that I’m pretty wrapped up in this borderline abuse story? I find it very compelling and frighteningly relatable. Hopefully we will get to see Victoria strong!

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