1. I don’t think Graham will be here for very long. I feel like the stress over Dina’s situation is going to take Jack to the edge. He’s about to lose it! The punch to Graham is just the beginning. Picture this: After a series of violent outbursts and threatening comments from Jack, Graham is murdered. Everyone thinks Jack did it. A trial takes place. Ashley and Traci even think Jack is guilty. Only to find out it was Dina! Turns out Dina had a moment of clarity and remembered that Graham had left her for dead in her hotel room and all the rude comments he made at Ashley’s party. After this moment of clarity, Dina kills Graham. It is due to this final act of violence, that the Abbott’s finally place Dina in a memory care facility.

  2. I agree, I was surprisingly with Team Sharon. She was so impressive with her composure in dealing with Abby and Scott.

    I noticed too how low life Scott went to comfort Abby instead of Sharon. What’s up with that? It must be the magic of L O V E. Haa!

  3. Abby may be off screen for a spell but I hopefully suspect Cane will make a surprise visit to surprise Lily in Paris in February if both Abby and Lily both go on the business trip and it lasts that long.

  4. After listening to Dina’s remarks to Lauren about her mother, I now wonder if Joanna, Lauren’s mother will return for a visit to see her grandson Scott and have a scene with Dina.
    Joanna was involved with John in the 1980s so someone did their homework to bring up that history.

  5. I was not gleeful watching Scott’s downfall. I just felt annoyed that they decided to ruin his character. It was wonderful to see Sharon being strong, but it was sad that once again she has to be hurt. I disagree that Scott wanted to just fool around with two women. He seemed very conflicted, attracted to two women. It happens. He certainly handled it VERY badly. As I said before it was stupid to portray that someone in full panic attack would be able to have sex. It doesn’t work that way! Also, Scott realized that Sharon didn’t know about the sex. He intentionally told Sharon the truth. He seemed relieved to get it all out in the open. He certainly does seem very immature in terms of how to manage his feelings. The writers have turned him into a teenage boy when it comes to love. Very unrealistic for someone who has traveled the world as a war reporter. I was glad Sharon stayed strong, but I thought dumping oatmeal and throwing clothes on Abby’s doorstep where very immature moves on her part. I thought their relationship deserved more. I thought the end of their relationship deserved more then high school antics. I liked Sharon and Scott very much as a couple but I guess the writers decided to sabotage them so that Sharon and Nick can get back together. Now Nick can be her “hero” who saves her from her bad choices in men. Excuse me, I’m going to be ill.

  6. I have not been a veteran viewer of “The Young and The Restless” so I know about as much of JT as the next guy, but, given from what I have seen: his son abandoned him, his wife left him, he lost his job in Poland; there must be something wrong with this guy.

  7. I LOVE that Graham is back!
    In fact, I love that Graham is taking Dina.
    Jack and siblings are really acting so righteous. They were abandoned by her and they also, as adults, abandoned her, and now their behavior is so extreme, it’s like the last 20 years disappeared. I think it’s just their “entitled” arrogant behavior that makes me root against them, and for Graham. They just think because they are rich they get their way. Just because she’s their biological mother doesn’t give them any more rights to her. It’s the opposite of Ashley’s struggle – she wants her adoptive father’s rights, but she won’t give the same rights to Graham, who is almost an adoptive child to Dina. THAT would have been a great soap move – if Dina had adopted Graham. I’ve definitely heard of lots of old rich people who adopt adults.
    And, being in that house seems to make Dina worse – it just brings up all the old memories. A new place might be better for her.
    Do the Abbots KNOW that Graham left Dina on the floor after her stroke? I can’t remember.
    If they don’t know that, then they have no proof of bad behavior from Graham.
    They keep saying he kidnapped her, but he really didn’t kidnap her.

    1. Julie!!!! I agree with everything you said! I thought I was the only one. A few months ago Ashley couldn’t stand the sight of Dina, now she is her guardian angel? Please!!!! Graham’s motives are far from pure, but it appears he has been kind to Dina, at least on the surface. Let him have her money, the Abbotts don’t need it (and it was Dina’s choice when she was functioning well). It’s a more interesting story than the spoiled Abbotts pretending this undying love for “mother” all of a sudden. If they really cared they would stop this tug of war with Graham and work out a compromise so Dina can stop being caught in the middle and upset all the time.

  8. Victoria informs Devon that she intends to run Hastag like a political commisar apparatchik of the communist party. Is it any wonder why Scott wants to stay as far away as possible from her?

    1. Do you think this is a permanent change to Victoria’s character? Is she going to be the new ruthless leader of Newman Enterprises when Eric Braeden finally retires? She’s doing a great job of being a jerk as a boss AND a parent. Seems like she has forgotten what it was like to have Victor as a boss and as a father when she was younger. She’s repeating the same mistakes.

  9. Victoria is an established and successful businesswoman – I love that they gave her an office and us a new set! The room is professional but feminine; the seating area is comfy and bright. The photos of her with her kids and with Victor are a nice touch.

  10. As Wednesday’s show ended, I was certain that Graham was about to announce that he was Dina’s son. So, the writers surprised me when he announced that he and Dina were married. However, the announcement made absolutely no sense because I don’t think it helps him. The judge could certainly invalidate/annul a marriage if it is revealed to a person who had dementia and lacked capacity to enter the marriage.

  11. We went through that entire court scene, only to find out they’re married?! Ugh! I HATE GRAHAM SO MUCH!! The actor is really driving me nuts. I guess he’s doing a good job, but I can’t handle this. I’m having a hard time watching this arrogant jerk be so proud of himself for taking advantage of a sick old woman. Maybe I’d respond better to the character if he was just after the Abbott’s and Dina wasn’t involved. It’s just not a fair situation, so I’m completely turned off by the character.

    1. I can not see how he could be Dina’s son since, according to his own testimony, his mother had already been married to Brent Davis before he abandoned them to pursue Dina. In other words, he was alive before Dina entered the picture and swooped Brent Davis off his family. If we were to contemplate a scenario where Dina happened to give birth to Graham while she was still married to John, wouldn’t John have noticed?

  12. Catherine’s ghost has come back! I wonder how this character will have an effect on Genoa City. If she is only be in a few episodes of become a longer term appearance. I just do hope this story does good for Sharon not bad.

  13. If “Kathy” rewarded Nikki with a pearl neckless for her troubles, what will she give Sharon for sheltering herself and her children-a new man?

  14. Hi Ali, I was running a bit behind here, but managed to catch up and just finished your chat. I have to say I’m in sync with your enthusiasm regarding Graham and his return.

    Some thoughts on the topic of Nick and Chelsea. They got ugly with each other when Christian went missing and somewhere in those tense moments, there was a break in the relationship. It’s only a matter of time before Christian’s paternity is revealed. That will be the end of Nick and Chelsea. But if Nick makes his way back to Sharon in the aftermath, and they decide to raise Christian together, how would that even be possible? Neither Nick or Sharon is a biological parent to Christian. I think Victor would step in as the paternal grandparent and adopt Christian and take him from Nick.

    On the topic of Dina and her Alzheimer’s. Let us have an open mind when it comes to this storyline. There just may be a way out. Perhaps, just maybe, Graham has something to do with her diagnosis. What if Graham sinisterly gave Dina a drug, and the effect of that drug mimics symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Maybe the drug could be in her lipstick, or foundation makeup, so that each day she gets ready, she inadvertently gives herself a dose. He then had her diagnosed with the disease in order to proceed with his and his mother’s plan of revenge. You never know…if she stops taking the drug, we could get Dina back and she could be our Matriarch!

    As far as Lily and Cane are concerned, I foresee a grand, romantic Valentine’s Day reunion on the Champs-Elysees.

  15. So Graham is behind the Jabot lab break-in. That looks like the obvious route to choose. But what interests me is Tracy made a comment about not wanting Ashley to go to Fairview??? I’m not a long term viewer of the show so I am not sure if Ashley has ever been to Fairview in the past. But what if Graham is scheming something towards Ashley and it ends her up in Fairview. Some type of poison or drug concoction to make her seem crazy from the stolen Jabot lab chemicals.

  16. I wonder how the actors that play JT and Victoria are handling working together since they are getting divorced. With all the fighting and then the “hot and heavy” scene on the staircase. I wonder if any of their emotions towards each other seep into their acting to make the scenes together more personal.

  17. I HATE that they’ve destroyed the Mattie and Reed relationship!!! But I also LOVE Newman bootcamp! That was pure gold. I knew Victor and Nikki was up to something. They made him comfortable and then BOOM…down comes the hammer lol that was great but I also thought Nikki’s reaction to JT was over the top.

  18. Hello Ali,
    I have two favorite highlights for the week.
    The 1st highlight was when Sharon had her ” I’m Fine” party. Hilary was the best part of the week Because her behavior has made a full 360 degrees. Hilary went from the towns messy version of a Wendy Williams to Dr. Phil and I LOVE it. Hilary wanted a sisterhood moment but with these group of women it was NEVER going to happen.

    2nd highlight was glad Victoria finally got a real office and we gain new a Set. I surprisingly like J.T and Victoria together. I glad she’s moving on, it annoyed to me so much to see Victoria thirst after Billy.

  19. Nikki and Victor are WAY over the line with Reed. It is not their place to overrule his parents and basically kidnap him and put him in “boot camp”. I’m sure there will be a lot of fans of this approach. However, it not only undermines his relationship with his parents, it also does nothing to address the root cause of his problems. He needs structure and responsibilities, sure. But if all he gets is a schedule, a haircut and a few lame pep talks, he will just repeat his negative patterns down the road. Reed is a person. He’s not an unruly dog who needs obedience training and a trip to the groomer.
    Plus, rock stars need groovy hair! I hope the hair cut is trendy and not the soap opera Ken Doll look.

  20. I like the new break room set on the show. We see Abby and Lily in there conversing together over coffee that helps to give the show a sense of reality. Employees are known to “gossip” around the water cooler or lunch room. It is a nice change from always seeing the characters talking in fancy restaurants all of the time. It makes them feel more like real people and like real life. I also like how we are seeing more of the hallways at Newman that we never used to see before. It gives the sense they are in a large building with many rooms as we see all of the doors as they are walking by them. Before we would mostly only see their offices and waiting area.

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