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Y&R Chat – November 27-December 1, 2017

Would Nick forgive Chelsea for keeping Christian’s paternity a secret?; Case Closed: Arson at The Underground; An Abbott Christmas to remember; Nikki’s pistol; Abby and Scott do damage control; Lily may save a life; and Hilary is exposed!

PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, “Who Said It” Game, and Opening “The Chatterbox” to Read YOUR Comments!


  1. Oh Ali–very funny! I remember Bob Ross well. Sunday afternoons when there were only 4 channels on TV so I would watch him paint on PBS. But you are the queen of innuendo- -paint in your foursome fantasy with “trees & bushes”???? I see what you did there!
    PS I’m not sure it’s fair to call Gloria a secretary. I believe she is some kind of an assistant–that’s more than secretarial responsibility. She has been a high level executive in the past. And Jack had asked her to sit in on meetings and keep him up to date. I’m amazed she is still so loyal to him. I think she still would love to be his sweetheart. Maybe it will happen now that Jack weirdly dumped Nikki? I liked the Jack and Gloria combo. Fun and different and will drive everyone nuts 😉

  2. I have not posted in a long time and I have not watched a single episode in that timeframe either but listening to your video chats while getting ready on Monday mornings just does it fine for me Ali! And something you said yesterday caught my attention: the blood Lily gave was more efficient than Cane’s. And it got me thinking: what if in a really far fetched soap like way it was revealed that Sam’s biological mother was Lily? I don’t know how Juliet would have gone about pulling that one but it would certainly redeem her in my eyes and it would be really sweet for the Ashby family, wouldn’t it?

    1. OMG! What if Lilly froze eggs when she had her cancer and Juliet stole the eggs and stole Cain’s sperm that fateful night, and did in vitro!!!! You’re clever!!

  3. I am happy to see Y&R decorating all of the sets for Christmas much earlier than they have in the past. I don’t remember if they did last year, but I know in the past they have waited far too long to decorate the various sets. Not only is it more realistic this way, but it gives us more time to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas decor and keeps the audience in the Christmas spirit with the characters. I really loved how beautifully the fireplace was decorated at Victor’s tree lighting ceremony. I believe even Noah commented on the decor looking like it was from a movie set. I really appreciate the different scenery Y&R gives us as the seasons change!

  4. Is there a future in politics for Nick? Mayor of GC? He has nothing else going on to occupy his time since the Underground burned down. And he seems to have taken a passionate interest in preserving Chancellor Park. It would create some interesting storylines with him and Victor.

  5. I’m wondering if JT is going to be the businessman behind destroying Chancellor Park and creating it into condos especially since he’s coming back into town. His arrival might not just be abt visiting Reed, but I also think that maybe it couldn’t be if JT is still married to Mackenzie because Kathering Chancellor was her grandmother and I’m sure that park means a lot to Mack because it’s named after her grandmother.

  6. With Sharon being so worried about that job interview text from Scott, I am worried when the truth with Abby comes out this will make her a mess and Nick comes in and rescues her. I am not against a Nick and Sharon reunion but I I prefer my Sharon strong and not someone who always needs to be rescued. I am confused about Scott’s behaviour; who tells Abby I want to sleep with you again and think about what happened in the storage unit but then go to say I want to be with Sharon to then almost kissing her. He was going back and forth and I was just trying to keep up where is head was at.

  7. Ashley is horrible. It took her about 48 hours of being named Acting CEO for her to start undermining Jack, criticizing him to everyone, and trying to push him out of the company. Jack took a leave of absence to care for their mother, and Ashley immediately used that as an opportunity to make a power play. Then, she asks self-righteous about being the one who cares what is best for Jabot. Also, even before her direct power play against Jack, the way she has been speaking to employees of Jabot all week is hard to watch. Honestly, she’s the worst villain on the show right now and that’s an accomplishment given how hard Victor and Victoria work to keep those titles. I’m glad Ravi is going to Newman! Run Ravi, run!!

  8. Did anyone notice how Victoria moved very close to Ravi when she said she was very interested in having him work for Jabot. I think Y&R is heading toward a Ravi and Victoria pairing. Now that Ravi has accepted her offer, it appears as though that is a very good possibility. They may test the waters first by seeing what the audience’s reaction is to this idea. I don’t know how I feel about the two of them yet. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing Ravi and Victoria together. It could make an interesting pairing. This would also cause more of a rivalry between Victoria and Ashley as well which makes for better drama.

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